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Taking a the leap of faith

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

Oh how my life has changed. I had to take charge of my life, I was tired of being mistreated by the people I worked for.

My last job tried to take my confidence and run it into the ground. All of my best efforts were ignored or the credit would be given to someone else. I painted a mural with the students that is more than 15ft x 7ft and the assigned art teacher (at that time) who did nothing with that mural, gets an award for it. I'd put forth all of my best efforts to bring light and laughter to the building with the children through art, we created art that they LOVED all the time... even painted the school stairs together... the kids loved me.

But the principal of the school at that time felt the total opposite. She would do things to try to dim my inner light, break me down. She would often single me out. Use and abuse her authority to try to dimenish my character, call my name out over the loud speaker, come to classrooms to call me out in front of other co workers, disregard my authority in front of students and talk to me like I'm a child... it was down right humiliating. I'd sometimes break down before entering the building due to the humilation I endured the days before.

I reached a boiling point after I was basically denied having lunch.. again in front of other co workers. They would say to me "omg you're being singled out!" or "here you can have my lunch, Im sorry shes treating you that way" I was ashamed. I had meeting after meeting with her superiors but nothing was done.... so I had to leave. I was forced to choose my peace of mind over my paycheck. I have children to raise and I have my happiness to look after. I've choosen to embrace my gifts and be my own boss. I refuse to be mistreated by anyone especially those who dont have my best interests at heart. I have my hands and I have this precious gift...

I will take the leap of faith. I believe I will work with students again, we will create together again..but this time it'll be within a loving environment. Where everyone can be appreciated and valued for their work. I live for the arts... anyone who knows me personally can tell you art is my life. I love to share its magic with the world

I choose the ArtLyfe... Ayo's ArtLyfe

& There Is No Looking Back


You can not change other people, we can only change ourselves. If you find yourself in a space that leaves you feeling drained and unworthy, remove yourself from that scenario. Live your best life NOW. Tomorrow isn't promised to anyone.

Here’s how to do it:

Use your fear as fuel to ignite your dreams.

You first have to start... & Remember no matter just keep GOING.

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