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What Is ArtLyfe?


ArtLyfe:  when one absolutely can see, breathe, eat, drink, & dream their passion with so much drive it comes to life. You can literally touch it. Artistry so passionate, it brings the observer into the full art experience; bringing forth the ArtLyfe. 

It's a new day for exhibitions.






Fine Art


The newest paintings by Ayo Catrance are created in 4D. Meaning, most objects protrude out of the painting. This effect is done with the intent of making the image appear more "lifelike". 

The idea of  the paintings being more lifelike, brought about the idea to have the viewers be a part of the complete scenario or exhibition. This allows one to experience the fine art...



This form of exhibition involves several genres of art you'd have to experience to believe. 

This is ArtLyfe.

Its quite magical, some would say.

After you experience this exhibition, you will be an ArtLyfer... Welcome.

"Once I'm inspired, I get lost in my creative zone. There is no sense of time. Just bliss during the process. I find it hard to just stop. Once I look at the time, I'm often surprised to see how much time has gone by. This is more than a soul is an artist".

-Ayo Catrance



 Ayo Catrance was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. She has always had an undying love in creating pictures for others to marvel at. Ayo states "I can remember drawing pictures going back, as far as learning to write my name. I was in awe at the ability to create an image".

As a child she would draw on all her folders, it was thought to be a perfect canvas at the time. Others kids would see her folders with all the pictures on them and wanted her to create the same thing on their folders. Ayo was delighted. It was then, she found out she had an ability that not everyone posses. She could create ART.

Ayo continued to work at what she enjoyed, she studied the human face by studying her own face in the mirror and drawing exactly what she saw. Drawing and sketching both day and night became her form of play. Her father observed .... would coach her along sometimes teaching curved lines and shading techniques. By the time Ayo reached high school she was introduced to the wonderful world of paint. She was inspired by a childhood friend from high school.  She would see her painting at home and it sparked something inside that wanted to advance from sketching into painting. Ayo's spanish  teacher at the time ignited the flame . She asked Ayo to create a Spanish town on the wall outside of her classroom. Eager to give it a try Ayo gave it her all. It went very well and she went on to paint more murals in the school. This was the beginning of a new era. Ayo kept painting and never looked back. 

Even with knowing she was born to be an artist, after high school she went on to college to study nursing.... Because its the right thing to do....or so she was told by her superiors.  After 3 years of attending college and still creating art in between, Ayo left  school to feed her passion full time. "I had an urge for art life  flowing through my veins. I needed to live as an artist". 

Ayo went on a journey to get more of her art seen, she began participating in festivals and other local art events to get art sold. She found that business is good and art can be promising.

On her work journey between festivals and odd bar jobs to bet by.. she came across a gallery position. Ayo started working for Gallery Guichard, she found out so much more about the art industry and it exposed her art to a broader audience. Opening up the doors to collectors and grand art competitions. Unfortunately the loved gallery job didn't last and Ayo had to find more work. She started teaching art at Chicago Public Schools as an independent contractor and still teaches art today through summer and after school programs.  As well as teaching adults with trendy sip and paint events. Ayo Catrance work has been featured in the Art Basel Competition, The Harlem Fine Art Show, The Hyde Park Festival of the Arts, The African Arts Festival and many more. Over the years she has  sold hundreds of paintings and will continue to create art because it touches hearts and inspire souls. For Ayo... Art  is Lyfe.

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